Spiritual Communion

Are you frustrated in your relationship or waiting for the right person to show up?  Do you want to feel like your relationship supports you living the greatest possible life that you can live?   


Whether you are in a relationship or not, you will learn to deepen your relationships through greater authenticity and find the clarity necessary to live your true Spiritual nature on a daily basis. 

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We must combine our spiritual awareness with our relationship awareness.  Ninety percent of how we experienced God is through our relationships.  It is through our interactions with each other that we are given the choice to either bring more of who we truly are into the world or not. 

What is Spiritual Bypass?

Spiritual Bypass is one example of how people deflect.  Usually when people deflect it is an attempt to avoid some kind of emotional pain that has been buried inside.  Deflection and Retroflection are the two most common ways of avoiding contact with others and ourselves.  One of the most blaring examples of Spiritual Bypass is “new age” type people who seem to be addicted to pretty ideas.  They want to find Peace and they want to do it without cleaning up the un-Peace within themselves. The tragedy is that there is a real longing for closeness with Spirit.

The most prolific example that I see is people who go to church every week and get riled up and don’t ever apply the lessons and teachings to their everyday life. On a global scale, Spiritual Bypass is evident situations like the Holocaust, and the Sudan where there was/is “ethnic cleansing.”  The real desire is not to kill off everyone who is not like “us.”  The source of all the bloodshed is actually a longing for Purity -- Purity within.  When anyone of us comes from a place of real Purity, it is natural and easy to accept others.  When there is a longing for Purity, unresolved anger, a basic disrespect for Life, massive personal insecurity, and society-wide attachment issues leading to a general feeling of un-safety, you have a very dangerous mix that can easily be mobilized into Genocide. 

The greatest way to powerful, lasting World Peace is for all 6 Billion people on this planet to begin accepting responsibility for their own feelings, accept responsibility for their own actions, share their feelings in a good way, listen in a good way, support each other through hard times, and support each other to achieve their goals in life.  To some, these relationship skills sound like lofty goals.  Experience has shown they are not only achievable but they lead to marriages, communities, and societies that are absolutely awesome! 

This workshop is a start on that goal. The way we heal communities, societies, countries and, eventually, the entire world is one person, one couple, one relationship at a time.