Spiritual Communion

Are you frustrated in your relationship or waiting for the right person to show up?  Do you want to feel like your relationship supports you living the greatest possible life that you can live?   


Whether you are in a relationship or not, you will learn to deepen your relationships through greater authenticity and find the clarity necessary to live your true Spiritual nature on a daily basis. 

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If I have sound spiritual practices, that’s not enough, right?  I have to be aware of the issues in my relationship.

 Think about the expression, “Never trust a medicine man without a sense of humor.”  If you have a person who is really open spiritually and totally “shut down” personally, then everything that person teaches will carry with it that flavor of shut down.  That “shut down” will leave an impression on how we show up in the world.  It is impossible to be whole, without being whole. 


Medicine Readings are a clear way to see and understand how to navigate through any issue that may be presenting itself in your life right now.  As a Psychotherapist and Medicine Man, Marcus leads an open and honest journey through the confusion of any issue and into the heart of Spirit.  With the ability to honor all those with whom he works, Marcus creates a space of acceptance and safety.  He uses a gentle and firm guiding hand to move us into states of greater awareness.