Spiritual Communion

Are you frustrated in your relationship or waiting for the right person to show up?  Do you want to feel like your relationship supports you living the greatest possible life that you can live?   


Whether you are in a relationship or not, you will learn to deepen your relationships through greater authenticity and find the clarity necessary to live your true Spiritual nature on a daily basis. 

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This workshop is about expanding that awareness in all aspects of our relationships, so that we increase our capacity for being present, for being who we truly are.  In doing this, we strip away everything that we are not.  In being more fully who we are, we are more able to serve God, do Her work in the world.  From that place of service, we get to feel the power and presence of God’s blessing in our lives on a moment-to-moment basis.


In this Workshop You Will Learn:


Imagine being free to be the you that you have always dreamed of and free to never again be who you are not!

I will teach you to “bring it home” which is:

  • how to bring your heart of hearts into direct contact with another,
  • how to receive another in the same way,
  • how to turn conflict with another into an exciting opportunity for relationship/spiritual growth. 

 One of the big benefits is bringing emotional and spiritual openness into awareness and bringing that openness and awareness to the relationship as a whole.  You will learn sound relationship skills like:

  • emotional awareness,
  • emotional responsibility,
  • personal responsibility,
  • listening, and how to share in a good way. 

And, you will learn how these relationship skills are direct contributors to our spiritual selves and determine the degree to which we “live” our true spiritual essence in this world.  These relationship skills also carry the potential of awakening spiritual awareness.