Spiritual Communion

Are you frustrated in your relationship or waiting for the right person to show up?  Do you want to feel like your relationship supports you living the greatest possible life that you can live?   


Whether you are in a relationship or not, you will learn to deepen your relationships through greater authenticity and find the clarity necessary to live your true Spiritual nature on a daily basis. 

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Is there a feeding back and forth from the spiritual into the relationship and from the relationship back into the spiritual?

 Actually, there is no separation between the spiritual and the relationship; they are one and the same.  This workshop is about creating the awareness that our spiritual path and our relationships are One.  They do feed each other, yes.  AND, while it may be easier to see them separately, they are so interconnected, you cannot have one without the other Ė you can only ignore one or the other at one time. 


A New Vision                                                       

             It is time for a New Vision.  The ways of the past are not working for a lot of people.  Ninety percent of how we experience God on a day-to-day basis is through the presence of others, especially our significant others.  Relationships are the media in which we act out and experience most of our spirituality in the world, most of this experiencing is done without our awareness of the Spiritual significance of what is happening.  How many times have you known people who love each other and start out feeling like God has blessed them by putting this person in their life, then they end up so hurt, angry, and frustrated, and they blame their significant other for their hurt?  This dynamic prevents any further chance they can feel Godís blessing through the presence of the other.  The New Vision demands we incorporate emotional health and sound relationship skills into our spiritual awareness and acknowledge the spiritual awakening that is possible in our intimate relationships. 


            The way in which we teach spiritual and religious matters must also change.  Hereís why:  Whenever a person does not take personal responsibility for ALL of what they are feeling they are severing their capacity to feel Godís presence and Godís Blessing in their life, this includes the stuff of which they are ignorant within themselves i.e. the feelings they donít want to own, donít want to see, and to which they donít pay attention.


            The New Vision demands authentic communication and awareness, acceptance of who we truly are, not just who we want to be.  It demands the willingness to be as big and as little as we really are Ė this means is that we have to be willing to accept that we are truly lovable, wonderful, incredibly awesome people and a we have to have a willingness to accept that it is only through Godís grace that we really shine.  And somewhere in there it is vital to accept things as they really are because it is only when we let go of our own expectations and accept a situation like it is that we open the possibility for the energy of Creation to enter into a situation, into our lives, and into our relationships. 


            Here is the kicker:  The degree to which we are able to relate to others in a good way is directly proportionate to the degree to which we can allow Godís blessing into our lives, homes, and marriages.  Whatever the problems/issue that keep us from connecting more deeply with others, especially our significant others, are the same things getting in the way of us connecting more deeply with Spirit.  So, our inability and/or unwillingness to own and take responsibility for our own feelings, communicate in an authentic way, and accept the Truth prevents us from being able to feel the presence of God in our lives on a moment-to-moment basis.